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Our 3-Part System to Get the Most R.O.I.From Your Renovation Project

You have put it off long enough and now you’re ready to start the basement renovation project of your dreams. It’s really happening! But as you begin making plans you begin to wonder…how can I get the most out of my investment? What will give me the best return if we decide to sell? Believe us, we share your excitement in building your dream basement, but we also have your back when it comes to providing all the options to get the best R.O.I. bang for your buck. When you choose the right materials early on, you can have the comfort and peace of mind of knowing you added the most long-term value to your home. Over our 20 years of experience, we have developed a consistent method for ensuring your new space meets your needs and exceeds your expectations – let’s take a look at our tried and true 3-part Advanced Sealing System.

Our Advanced Sealing System consists of utilizing three key high-quality materials

  1. Advanced Spray Foam Insulation(SPF)
  2. Metal Stud Steel Framing
  3. ToughRock Mold-Guard Drywall

Each of these superior materials is excellent on its own, but when combined in our 3-part system, they provide an exceptional value and will give you the greatest benefits and return on your investment. Let’s take a deeper look at the value and benefits of using these unique products.

Advanced Spray Foam

The Value And Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation (SPF)

Efficient cooling and heating. Spray foam is a powerful insulator with a higher R-value to prevent air leakage both in and out of your home, increasing thermal performance and lowering your heating and cooling bills. 

Studies have shown that as much as 40% of a building’s total energy loss is due to air infiltration. SFP provides an air-tight seal for better indoor temperature control, creating a more comfortable indoor environment.

Noise control and sound absorption. SPF seals gaps minimizing air-borne sound transmission reducing high and low frequency noise. Having an effective sound barrier can make all the difference in a renovated basement.

Improved air quality and reduced pollen and allergens because *air cannot penetrate the walls like traditional insulation. Reducing external allergens can be especially helpful in households with allergy sufferers. 

Provides a barrier against unwanted pests. With an airtight seal, SPF prevents small bugs, rodents, and other critters from getting into your home. 

Prevents the growth of mold and mildew. SPF stops moisture by not allowing air pockets where moisture could accumulate. When excessive moisture or water accumulates indoors, mold growth will often occur, particularly around doors and windows. SPF seals gaps and restricts moisture from getting in, preventing an environment where mold can grow. 

Improves overall comfort. SPF conforms and adheres to surfaces, sealing cracks and cervices to create a consistent, air-tight seal especially around windows and doors. Temperature remains consistent and heat transfer is controlled for a more comfortable and enjoyable indoor climate. 

Quality foam insulation equals savings. As much as 40% of a building’s energy is lost due to air infiltration from gaps, holes, and air leaks. SPF saves you money on your heating and cooling bills and you may even qualify for tax credits when choosing spray foam to insulate your home. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program estimates that by adding insulation and sealing air leaks, you could save up to 20% on your monthly energy bills. 

Spray foam insulation is durable and has a longer lifespan. SPF provides many structural advantages including increased wall strength and resilience. 

Premium Metal Studs

The Value And Benefits Of Using Premium Metal Studs (Steel Framing) 

Cold-formed steel (CFS) leads the way as the preferred framing material for multiple reasons. 

Resilience. CFS does not expand or contract, warp, split, crack, or creep with changes in moisture content. Metal studs are completely unaffected by moisture and humidity if they are galvanized. Because of this they cannot warp or rot so they will remain straight and sturdy for a long time. 

Sustainability. Recycled steel does not emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Wood does emit VOCs and is not recyclable. 

Durability. Metal studs have a high tensile strength. Steel-framed buildings are shown to be more structurally sound against the forces of nature such as high winds, earthquakes, snowstorms, and even hurricanes! 

Non-combustible. Using metal studs is a safeguard against fires. Steel framing is non-combustible where wood is combustible so you may qualify for insurance premiums that otherwise would be disqualified with wood framing. 

Rodent and termite resistance. No more critter and termite problems! This means maintenance costs overall will be lower. 

*Credit: Powered by the Steel Framing Industry Association (2023) *Credit: Innometalstuds.corp Wood vs. Steel Framing (2022)

ToughRock® Mold-Guard Drywall 

ToughRock® Mold-Guard™ Gypsum Board is designed to provide extra protection against mold and mildew compared to traditional paper-faced gypsum board products. When tested, as manufactured, per ASTM D3273 (“Standard Test Method for Resistance to Growth of Mold on the Surface of Interior Coatings in an Environmental Chamber”), ToughRock® Mold-Guard Gypsum Board achieved a score of 10 – the best possible score for this test. It’s ideal for high humidity interior areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements and laundry rooms. This board may be used in wet areas behind tile, such as tub and shower areas.

We’re committed to getting you the most out of your investment.

The great part about partnering with Basement 2 Finish is that we have years of experience, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve renovated hundreds of basements of all shapes and sizes and have used these long-lasting, durable materials with consistently great success. The most important thing we want you to know is that we are here for you and are committed to not only building you the basement of your dreams but educating you on the options that will get the very most out of your investment. Give us a call today or click the link to schedule your free, no obligation estimate. Let’s get started on your project today! 

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