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Custom Basements

basement bedroom

A basement bedroom adds endless style, flexibility, and value to any home. Whether used as a guest room or living space for college-aged kids or elderly parents, you’ll never worry about having enough space for visitors. Using only the highest quality and energy efficient materials, we are committed to providing you with a bedroom you’ll enjoy for years to come. Ask about our Advanced Sealing System to get the most comfort, value, and peace of mind from your investment. Let’s build that additional bedroom you’ve always wanted!

basement bathroom

Custom basement bathrooms are not only incredibly useful, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), they can add between 70 – 75% R.O.I. on your home resale value. Based on your project budget, personal style, and maintenance requirements, choose from endless options of flooring, vanities, countertops, cabinets, fixtures, lighting, and more. Utilizing only the highest quality mold, mildew, and moisture-resistant materials; you can count on the long-life and durability of your new basement bathroom. Ask about our Advanced Sealing System to ensure you get the most comfort, value, and peace of mind from your investment. Together, we can create the extra bathroom of your dreams!

basement wet bar

A new, custom designed basement wet bar takes entertainment to the next level! Have the stylish and functional space to serve food, make drinks, wash dishes, and much more. A wet bar can set your basement apart; whether you’re looking for a more convenient way to serve guests or you want to spruce up your home in preparation for a sale, a wet bar is a great investment to add to your basement remodeling project. Our superior quality cabinetry, appliances, tile, and fixtures are customized to meet your specific needs. Bring your entertainment power up a notch with a custom built basement wet bar; you’ll have family and friends close by and cold drinks always within reach, what’s not to love!

basement home theater

Create a theater experience in the comfort of your own home with a custom-designed home theater! Custom built-ins for your media equipment and layouts for maximum sound quality. Get the popcorn ready because we’re taking movie night to the next level! 

An important factor to consider for any game room or home theater is noise control. Ask about our Advanced Sealing System for the best sound-absorbing material options.

basement game room

Level up quality time with a newly, custom designed game room! Enjoy a family game night or a fun gathering with friends, in a special space dedicated to recreation and leisure. Boost the entertainment possibilities by adding elements such as a small beverage station, media area, or wet bar. Highlight your style with custom built-ins, custom lighting, decorative touches, and more. Ask about our Advanced Sealing System to get the most comfort, value, and peace of mind from your investment. Let’s build a space the entire family will love and create memories that last a lifetime in your very own custom game room! 

basement Kitchen/kitchenette

If you entertain often, a custom kitchen or kitchenette is a must for your basement finishing project. When choosing which option is best for your home, consider how you will use the space in the immediate and long-term future. If you plan on making the space independent for a live-in family member, renting the space, or simply plan to host a lot of parties, consider a full kitchen. If you need a smaller space to store beverages and food prep without a traditional stove, oven, or dishwasher, then a kitchenette may be the way to go. Our professional estimators will work with your budget and goals to determine whether a kitchen or kitchenette has the greatest long-term usefulness and potential value for your home. Ask about our Advanced Sealing System to get the most comfort, value, and peace of mind for your investment. 

basement lighting

Get creative with quality custom lighting designed specifically for your space and style. Custom lighting is a great way to add character, charm, and functionality to any basement remodel project. There are many additional benefits to custom lighting including cost and energy efficiency, sustainability, flexibility, and personalization. There are several options available for your lighting design such as indirect, accent, and decorative lighting. Based on your needs, your lighting is customized to achieve the best ambiance and value to suit your space and your budget. From shape, color, and brightness, your custom lighting blends seamlessly into its surroundings and enhances the overall look of your basement finishing project.

basement built-ins

Maximize your basement storage power with custom designed built-ins! Get organized with uniquely tailored cabinetry that fits your style and specific storage needs. Using only the highest quality materials, custom built ins provide valuable, long-lasting storage solutions that fit flawlessly in your space and match the aesthetic of your home. When done right, a built in can be a showpiece for an entire space adding both beauty and usefulness. Our skilled and experienced craftsman achieve your vision by customizing storage for your entertainment center, home office, mudroom, closet and much more; you dream it, we’ll make it happen!

basements home gym

Stay fit while saving time and money by investing in a custom-designed basement home gym! A home gym provides several benefits including the flexibility and convenience of exercising on your own schedule, with your own equipment, without the commute to a public gym. Make fitness fun in the comfort of your own home in a space made for your specific fitness goals and design preferences. Flex your creative muscles by adding custom details like rubber flooring and wall-to-wall mirrors. Ask about our Advanced Sealing System to get the most comfort, value, and peace-of-mind from your fitness space. Ditch the gym, invest in your health and wellness with your very own custom home gym!

basement crafting room

Pinterest Pro? Etsy aficionado? Calling all avid crafters, it’s time to invest in your very own custom basement crafting room! A crafting room gives the freedom and flexibility to let your creative side come alive for sewing, painting, and DIY projects. Maximize your space with custom built-ins, storage, lighting, and crafting tables. Whether you are turning your passion into a day job or making costumes for your child’s upcoming theater production, your crafting room can help you complete projects in an inspired, stylish space. Don’t forget to ask about our Advanced Sealing System to get the most comfort, value, and peace of mind from your investment.

basement home office

Work from home? Need a comfortable, dedicated space that allows you to be more productive? Get the functional, organized, and stylish room you’ve always wanted with a new basement home office renovation. The landscape of work is changing and the WFH phenomenon is becoming more prevalent for today’s employees. This new dynamic leaves us in need of professional spaces for technology, privacy, and storage needs. Custom designed for every space and budget, a home office supports improved work performance and increased job satisfaction. Having a dedicated basement office allows you to separate work from home life, allowing for a much-needed work-life balance. Control noise using exceptional sound-absorbing materials with our Advanced Sealing System. Ditch the commute and get the job done in your new, uniquely designed home office!

basement wine cellar

Add style and sophistication to your remodel project with a custom basement wine cellar. Whether you have a small collection or are a wine enthusiast, proper storage is essential to maintain every bottle’s flavor, character, and value. Custom built for any space and budget; choose your custom wine racks, shelving, and cabinets. Our Advanced Sealing System ensures your wine will be stored in optimum conditions. Display your wine in security and style with the custom wine cellar that is perfect for your collection.

basement steam room

Ahhh…take a deep breath and relax in your very own custom basement sauna or steam room. Have the luxury of an on-demand spa experience in your new basement. Saunas and steam rooms offer many health benefits for joints, circulation, skin, and sinuses. Your personal oasis is custom built using only the highest quality materials by our skilled and experienced craftsmen. Relax muscles, relieve achy joints, jumpstart recovery, soothe nerves, lower blood pressure, strengthen immune system, and even burn calories (credit: Medical News Today) in the sauna or steam room you’ve always wanted!

basement children's playroom

Toys everywhere? Kids need safe place to play? Problem solved! Get flexibility and peace of mind with a custom basement children’s playroom. Organize toys and games and store all crafting supplies in a dedicated space the kids will love. Choose playful colors and add custom details like a stylish window seat bench or under-the-stairs playhouse. You name it…we’ll make it happen! Add extra levels of comfort for the kids and value to your home with our Advanced Sealing System. Create a room where creativity and imagination come alive with the playroom of their dreams!

basement Laundry Room/Mudroom

Tired of doing laundry in a dark, damp, and inefficient space? Then say hello to your new custom laundry/mudroom! When done right, this updated space can bring a ton of function and value to your home. For maximum utility, add custom built-ins, much needed counterspace, and a handy basin sink. Tie everything together with custom lighting, wall hooks, and a useful sitting bench. With so many options to choose from be sure to ask about our Advanced Sealing System to get the most comfort, value, and peace of mind from your investment. Let’s build the functional and stylish laundry/mudroom you’ve been waiting for!

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